Devolution and sustainable partnerships

What role does devolution have in supporting and accelerating the delivery of rail and urban transport networks and infrastructure fit for the future?

Rail devolution in Wales is not complete, but the progress so far has brought about spectacular improvements. A similar process elsewhere in the UK could deliver similar benefits, but we are not sufficiently informed on the subject to make recommendations.

How can effective relationships be facilitated between all tiers of government, to help accelerate growth and deliver rail and urban transport networks and infrastructure?

Rail bodies, Local Authority Regeneration and Development teams can be integrated to great effect as happens with the Greater Manchester Stations Alliance.

How can the capacity of public bodies be enhanced to effectively partner, procure and deliver urban transport and rail networks and infrastructure and provide value for money?

Liverpool City Council has been able to purchase new rolling stock at a price significantly lower than a ROSCO. (see at 8 minutes )